About me

helloooo. I'm Rodney, I'm the creator of this web site. I have been dedicated to investigating angels and their behavior for a very long time. I live in a remote community in Ascension-perish swamp. It is a place known for odd pehnomena and paranormal activity. My community is for people willing to accept or even embrace these strange visitors. I believe that Earth angels enjoy the humid climate. I want to get one thing clear:

I am not "against" Angels

angels are complicated creatures. They have every right to exist, even as a parasite. I just believe its time for us to distance ourselves from angels. Their mutations on Homo Sapiens are probably irreparable by now, but if there is a glimmer of hope, i'll follow it. It's life WITHOUT angels, not life AGAINST angels. plus, if we ever even thought of a violent retaliation we would all immediately die.

Here are my lovely cats

My kitties are my best friends. Both of them emerged from deep within the swamp. They are probably someones lost pet, however I like to think they were drawn to me. The tan one is Seychelles. When she came to my house as a muddy kitten, she had both eyes. Two years later, Seychelles wandered off one day and was missing for many weeks. I thought I had lost her- until one day, she returned! Strangely though, her right eye was missing. There was no blood or pain, just an empty hole. I often wonder where her eye went, and who might have taken it...

The brown one is Lady Stardust. She is very very old. I found her when I first moved out to Ascension, and she is still going strong! She has a very unique face. She is a very handsome lady. She doesn't meow very often but when she does, it is very powerful. Her meows are an omen for a significant upcoming event. The last time she meowed was the summer of 2005. The next thing I saw when I turned on the television was reports that Hurricane Katrina had made landfall. I would really love to know how old she is. It is rude to ask a lady her age, and even the veterinarians cannot figure it out. everyone has secrets!