this is about angels as a species: their appearance and behavior. to learn about their history, return to the home page


Angels are parasitic cosmic beings. Very little is known about their origins. However, here is one theory.


Darwin's finches adapt to their environment. Two different finches will look and behave differently, but they are still both finches. This is true of angels as well, however on a more dramatic scale. As cosmic beings, Angels are born formless.

a supposed larval angel. note that a group of angels is called a MASS

Think of this as its Larval stage. Angel larvae have no limitations. they dont eat, sleep or breathe. They will crawl the universe until they find a host environment. Only then does their evolution start. An earth angel will behave nothing like an angel from a different host. In fact, it is very unlikely that an angel will ever see an angel from a different host.


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Angels are hard to spot. We cannot see an angel in its true form, and it's disguise can be very convincing. click on the features to learn more

Angel features

Rubbery Skin

Chest Hole

empty eyes

Hollow Mouth

Thin Hair

No Genitals

Silent Footsteps

faint glow

Aggrivating Aura

Types of Angels

Here is about the only concrete similarity that true angels have to biblical angels. Angel masses are hierarchical. As we cannot percieve an angels true form, I have no idea what their true differences may be. However, there are subtle differences in disguise that might be indicative of what is underneath.

Note that Seraphs and Ophans are never supposed to land on earth. If you see one, it is a good idea to AVOID AT ALL COSTS. These angels will probably be disoriented, scared or violent. Once a seraph or ophan lands on earth, it begins to decay.

Angel's decay?

yes indeed. It is a very scary thing for everyone involved. High-ranking angels like Seraphs are not built to survive in earth conditions. I suppose you could consider them too 'holy'. Instead, Seraphs live in the upper atmosphere and feed from the lower angels below. Whether its the gravity, energy or bacteria, being on the surface gunks up the works. An earthbound seraph cannot return to the sky. They become stuck in their disguises and for lack of better phrasing, the suit gets moldy. The seraph will then begin a painful transformation as the disguise mutates into a distorted, unrecognizable figure. To the average person they will look like a strange ghost or monster. At this stage, the seraph often isolates itsself and eventually wastes away. It makes me a little sad. If only there were a way to freshen them up and send them back into the sky, like a bird in an oil spill or something.